Nintendo to ship two million Switch consoles at launch

Tatsumi Kimishima confirms the figures.

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Even though there were some rumours about a potential delay for Nintendo Switch's launch, last week's announcement re-confirmed manufacturer's plans of putting its new console on the shelves in March 2017. Besides, after the comments delivered today by its management, it seems it will be with some good capacity, as Nintendo is already estimating at least two million Switch consoles will be manufactured, sold and shipped to retail by then.

The figure comes from Nintendo's president himself, Tatsumi Kimishima, during the company's last quarterly report, which was just held in Japan, and via journalist Takashi Mochizuki. Nintendo's global CEO says "current FY financial guidance assumes two million units of Switch to be shipped this fiscal year ending in March". In other words, this means retailers will get two million Nintendo Switch consoles in less than a month's time, as it's actually between launch day in March (still TBC) and before April 2017. From that, it's a matter of actual sales after consumer response.

The amount can of course lead to different reads and will be better assessed as the final launch date comes closer, expectations are fixed (official recommended retail price is of course vital here) and exact markets taking part in global launch are unveiled. Two million can be seen as ambitious for a debut in March, since it's not holidays, but could also end up being too limited stock for a worldwide launch. What are your thoughts - too ambitious, or not enough?

Nintendo to ship two million Switch consoles at launch

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