Nintendo's E3 conference dated

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Nintendo's due to kick-off its E3 press conference on Tuesday 7th June at 5pm GMT, the company announced today. As with previous years, you should be able to stream the entire thing online.

There's a lot of interest around the conference this year. After 2010's excellent finisher that put the newly shown 3DS in the hands of attendees, the company will need to follow up by showcasing future software for the machine, which will be spearheaded by a new Super Mario title.

Bigger still will be the reveal of the Wii successor, with the firm reportedly showing playable code as part of its presentation. Project Cafe, as the console has been codenamed, has already burnt up a lot of online speculation as to its capabilities, look and the all-important controller.

All will be revealed soon enough, and Gamereactor will be at E3 to give you the latest direct from the show floor.

Nintendo's E3 conference dated
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