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Football Manager 2013

No open beta for FM 2013

Pre-access deal is in the works.

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Sports Interactive and Sega announced Football Manager 2013 yesterday, and there were plenty of revelations to be had regarding the latest installment of the popular management sim.

In an interview with VG247, Sports Interactive's boss, Miles Jacobson, revealed that this season there will be no open beta for the game. In fact, the beta is already underway.

What he did say was that there is an announcement in the pipeline, with some kind of pre-order deal that will grant early birds access to the game. More details will follow.

Football Manager 2013

Jacobson explained: "We've got a beta that goes on anyway - both with some hardcore and some less-hardcore people - who've been playing the game for a few weeks. I'm absolutely amazed that nothing has leaked, so if any of them are reading this: thank you, I love you all."

"We've had a wide variety of people looking at it, and testers in the studio as well. So we're getting good feedback, but the problem with open betas is that we get too overwhelmed with the same people saying the same thing."

Football Manager 2013

But hope is not lost, and for fans of the long running series who crave early access, it seems that Sports Interactive has something up its sleeve: "What I would say though is ‘watch this space', because there's something that we're tying to pull off at the moment preorder-wise which we havent got nailed yet - hence we haven't announced it yet."

"But we are doing our best to make something that will let a few more people see the game earlier than they would normally be able to. We'll start talking about that -hopefully in a few weeks - then we can reveal all."

"It's something that - if we do pull it off - we hope that every games company will do the same thing. There's no reason why they can't."

Football Manager 2013

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