Saints Row IV

"Nobody will look at this and compare it to actual politics"

Are Volition perhaps underestimating Fox News? We talk to Robert Gable about the Saints, the president and more.

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We did two interviews on Saints Row IV during E3 and we held off publishing our second one until the release was imminent. Project manager Robert Gable talks about the development and the origins of the presidential angle. One week removed for its release we give you this interview to whet your appetite.

Making fun of the president can be bit sensitive at times, but Volition had no worries:

"I think that with our style we're so over the top, we're so tongue in cheek as you said, that I don't think anybody is going to look at this seriously. You become president, you're elected out of popularity. It's like a pop culture type thing. So that's the angle that we explored on that. But I don't think anybody is going to look at this and compare it to actual politics."


There is some confusion as to the origins of Saints Row IV and Gable set the record straight.

"It was actually separate project [not an expansion]. We had Saints Row IV in development before Saints Row: The Third came out. And then after The Third came out we were exploring an expansion and we announced Enter the Dominatrix. What we ended up doing was - a lot of the fun features in Enter the Dominatrix - we pulled those over into Saints Row IV. But that full project has been in development for a long time now."

When trying to find out any clues about Saints Row next-gen plans we were given the following answer:

"Oh yeah, all of us at Volition we're big gamers, we're super excited for next-gen. It's exciting to be here and see all the new announcements and everything. And as I said this is the end of the current Saints Row saga, but we love the Saints. Fans love the Saints. So we're going get this game out the door and see what the future holds."

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