Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

North and SteelSeries announce partnership

Just in time for DreamHack Montreal.

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SteelSeries and North have announced a collaborative partnership and sponsorship, with the pair working together "as partners in innovative product design and in elevating both brands in gaming and esports," according to the press release.

"SteelSeries has played a crucial role in driving the esports industry forward. Our partnerships with players and organisations that compete at the highest levels, and that embody the fundamentals on which our brand was built are what set our standards higher than others. They drive our need for constant innovation and inspire our award-winning products," says Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries' CEO. "Counter-Strike is where our brand began; it's at our core. We are incredibly happy and proud to announce our partnership with North."

"The partnership with SteelSeries is such an incredible opportunity to bring together two international, Danish brand leaders with the goal to not just to win, but to make our mark in esports. We have a talented and dedicated roster of players whom we train and nurture as world-class athletes, and we aim to take the top rankings, not just in Denmark, but in the world. We believe our partnership with SteelSeries is the final piece that will aid in achieving that," added Christian Sørensen, North CEO.

How can North do when they travel to DreamHack Montreal this week?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: SteelSeries and North

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