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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

North join forces with Capgemini

This includes Capgemini logos appearing on the jerseys, as well as new events and initiatives to promote esports.

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Esports organisation North has revealed a new partnership with Capgemini, a company that deals with consulting, technology service, and digital transformation, and this deal means the Capgemini logo will now feature on North jerseys.

What's more is that Capgemini will lead initiatives and events for the company to promote esports, and North CEO Christian Sørensen had the following to say on the partnership:

"We are happy to welcome Capgemini to the North family and thrilled to collaborate with a company that understand us and who is in the forefront of digital innovation. North is an ambitious team that wants to continuously improve and delight their audiences. Surrounding ourselves with the best of talent in two industries that share values and have many synergies between them, is the way to achieve our ambitions."

"We have had several talks with North and realized that the two companies share the same values," adds Anil Agarwal, President of Capgemini Scandinavia Business Unit. "We look beyond traditional partnerships and towards something that reflect our boldness and innovative approach. We are delighted to partner up with one of the most professional esports organizations, which ultimately will strengthen our ties to a large community of potential like-minded employees and future employees. Capgemini is one of the leading IT consultant business in the world. But we are also gamers."

Is this a good partnership?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: North

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