Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

North pledges to #StopToxicity

This hashtag will feature on their jerseys, but it's part of a wider initiative to stomp out toxic behaviour in CS:GO's community.

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Danish CS:GO team North recently spoke out about the abusive messages that teams get regularly, including death threats, and now they've announced a brand new initiative to help combat toxicity in the esports world.

Following the support they received North will be spreading the #StopToxicity hashtag on their jerseys for the next three months, as well as around social media.

"We want to make this a talking point in our community, and we want to show that we stand behind our message, to everyone who follows our beautiful game," North writes. "But words and attention will not do it alone. We also need to take action. We need to become accountable for what happens in our feeds, in our comment sections and in our direct messages."

What they'll be doing is removing toxic comments on social feeds when they're able to, reporting toxic users to the relevant authorities, and banning toxic community members. They also call upon the community to report these individuals.

What's more is that North are also reaching out the tournament organisers, other teams, and more to try and start a conversation and get them to join the cause too.

What can be done to fight toxicity in esports?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: North

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