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North reveals sweet message sent from ViCi fan

After their #StopToxicity campaign North reveals there's still some good in the world of esports via a letter they received.

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Following the pledges to #StopToxicity from yesterday, an inspirational message from a rival team's fan was revealed over Twitter detailing the ups and downs of being a ViCi Gaming fan over the years. The letter had been translated from Chinese to English but still showed how the fan felt regret after the tribulations of their team, before saying "this failure will let you know what you really want".

The end of the letter featured a brief set of incredibly motivational words that stated "every team has bad times, it's nothing, regroup", which showed the fan's true intention to support the North roster in the best way possible. North showed their gratitude for the letter with a few words that said, "that is what esports is about. Even in defeat there are beautiful moments like this". This should mean even more as ViCi are one of the teams that helped eliminate them from the IEM Katowice Minor.

The #StopToxicity movement is an initiative to combat toxicity in esports and is a by-product of teams consistently facing abusive messages online. North has since called upon the community to help face these issues where possible and have themselves pledged to remove toxic comments in their social feeds when they can, report toxic members of their community to the relevant services, and ban toxic members of their community so they cannot see new content.

How do you feel about toxicity in esports?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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