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Nova Esports takes home $140,000 after winning Peacekeeper Elite League season 2

The team bested the competition with 191 total points.

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The Peacekeeper Elite League season 2 wrapped up this weekend and it was Nova Esport that managed to steamroll its way to victory with 191 total points. This latest win comes off the back of the team's victory at the 2019 Peacekeeper Elite Championship.

For its victory, Nova Esports took home $140,000, Royal Never Give Up in second took home $57,000, and Four Angry Men in third earned $28,000.

You can view the final standings for the competition below:

  • Nova Esports: 191 points

  • Royal Never Give Up: 183 points

  • Four Angry Men: 166 points

  • Six Two Eight: 155 points

  • YiQiLang: 153 points

  • LK Gaming: 136 points

  • Qing Jiu Club: 135 points

  • LGD Gaming: 122 points

  • Team Game: 119 points

  • All Gamers: 110 points

  • ACT: 101 points

  • The Chosen: 97 points

  • AgFox Black: 96 points

  • Tianba: 87 points

  • Da Kun Gaming: 83 points

Thanks, Dot Esports.

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