NRG add s0m to Valorant roster

That makes three former Counter-Strike players for NRG Valorant.

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Following the rumour that NRG was targeting former Counter-Strike professionals for its Valorant team, Sam "s0m" Oh has been added to the organisation's active roster.

s0m was previously known for his time spent playing for Gen.G in CS, where the organisation achieved varied success, with multiple first place finishes at events such as the Dreamhack Open Anaheim 2020.

During his time at Gen.G, s0m has played with Damien "daps" Steele, one of the other members on NRG's growing Valorant roster. You can check out the announcement video here.

Three remaining player positions still remain on NRG Valorant, as the only other announced member so far has been Chet "Chet" Singh, as the team coach. With the rate these announcements are popping up, chances are we'll see a more complete roster by the end of the week.

Photo: Gen.G

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