The Outer Worlds

Obsidian on The Outer Worlds: "we're all about giving choice"

The Outer Worlds will look to retain Obsidian's storytelling identity, and the developers are keen to avoid any New Vegas-like bugs.

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After being acquired by Microsoft last year, Obsidian Entertainment is launching their new IP, The Outer Worlds, straight into Xbox Game Pass on day one. Although the Irvine-based studio has quite the following, the team is looking forward to being able to reach a wider audience at launch.

When speaking with narrative designer Dan McPhee at E3, we asked him about what it meant to be a part of the Xbox family. He replied, "So... for this one, mostly it's just getting it out to more people [...] one of the cool things about being on Xbox (Game Pass) is there are a lot of people that will just see it and be like oh, that's kind of interesting and they'll give it a try."

However, this new approach to try and reach a broader audience will certainly not have an impact on the depth and complexity of the game, the developer assures us. Obsidian is known for its deep, branching narratives and this title looks to be no different in that regard. McPhee said, "This is an Obsidian game, we're all about giving players choice and consequence and giving the player as much opportunity to role-play what they want."

One of their fan favourite games, the almost-10-year-old Fallout: New Vegas was known for inhabiting these traits. The popularity of this spin-off fallout game has only grown since its 2010 release, but that title launched with its own set of problems. These were mainly in the form of bugs and glitches, some of which were gradually addressed over time. Obsidian is keen to avoid the same mistakes with this new IP, and when we asked about those very issues, McPhee told us that a lot of hard work was going into making The Outer Worlds a polished experience at launch.

The Outer Worlds is heading to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 25. Are you looking forward to Obsidian's next big title?

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