Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Olofmeister extends his break from FaZe Clan's CS:GO team

"I thought I was ready to comeback but I wasn't."

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It wasn't long ago we told you that FaZe Clan's CS:GO player Olof 'Olofmeister' Kajbjer had returned to the team after a leave of absence, but the organisation has yesterday announced that Olofmeister would be extending his break from the team.

"I thought I was ready to comeback but I wasn't," he wrote in a statement. "It's all my own fault and I should have listen[ed] to myself. I will take a much longer break and comeback when I am 110%."

As for the upcoming ECS Season 5 finals (Electronic Championship Series, that is) this weekend, Jørgen 'Cromen' Robertsen will be stepping in, but can he deliver results now Olofmeister is gone again?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Eleague

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