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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Olofmeister is back on the Fnatic starting line-up

Injury troubles are over. Olofmeister played his first games with Fnatic in several months last night during the team's Eleague debut.

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Olof "Olofmeister" Kajber is back. The Fnatic player returned to the team's starting line-up last night as the team made their debut in Eleague. Olofmeister has been on a break since MLG Columbus in March due to a wrist injury, but that injury has healed enough for him to play again.

During the four maps played yesterday, Olofmeister put in a better performance than you would expect from a player who hasn't played a professional match in months.

Fnatics first two maps yesterday were against North American squad Team SoloMid. Map one, Cache, was a close fight, ending 16-13 in Fnatic's favour. TSM put in a strong effort in the later part of the match, but the Swedes were still able to close out the game.

Second map was Mirage, where Fnatic dominated for the entire match. Olofmeister looked like he was back in his usual form, getting 24 kills with only 8 deaths and ending up with a 1.92 rating. Highlights included KrimZ pulling of an insane defuse as the sole Fnatic player left against a full TSM Terrorist team.

Later in the evening Fnatic played FaZe Clan, a matchup that ended with both teams taking a map. Fnatic shut out their opponents completely on map 1, Cobblestone, for a 16-0 score. Undeterred, FaZe responded on Mirage and kept Fnatic to single digits, winning the map 16-8.

Fnatic is playing in the Eleague again this evening, where they'll face Danish squad Dignitas. The Swedish team are currently leading their group.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Olofmeister is back in action. // Photo: Helena Kristiansson, ESL

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