Tropico 6

"One island wasn't enough" for El Presidente in Tropico 6

We spoke with lead level designer Mark Mussler about the latest additions coming to Limbic Entertainment's iconic strategy title.

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PC players will undoubtedly already be working to further their agenda in Tropico 6 already, but that need to rule is soon to be quenched for console players, as Limbic Entertainment is looking to launch Tropico 6 this autumn. To see how the franchise has grown and where its headed, we spoke with lead level designer Mark Mussler on the title at E3 this year to see what Limbic Entertainment is doing to break the mould.

"Looking at the previous titles, for El Presidente one island wasn't enough, so we wanted to give them a bigger playground to operate with," he explained. "So, we went with the archipelago approach, with multiple islands you can expand to so that the game is a little bit different. Of course, in previous titles you can also expand it, but it was on one land mass, whereas here it's spread through multiple islands."

Tropico 6 is looking to build on the beloved series by offering more variety and further manageable space for players to work with. Featuring many of the iconic mechanics such as raiding and multiplayer, Tropico 6 has brought back election speeches, so now you too can make promises to your people you never intend to keep.

What do you think of the archipelago features in Tropico 6?

Tropico 6

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