One Supremacy MMA screen
Supremacy MMA

One Supremacy MMA screen

Back to the brutal origins of the sport

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505 Games and Kung Fu Factory are up against two behemoths in THQ/UFC and EA Sports as they attempt to enter the mixed martial arts market with Supremacy MMA. We met with a couple of developers of the title at E3, and they pressed a couple of things. First of all, with no license to consider they can include all aspects of the sport as it was in the beginning and as it is now. We got to witness a no holds barred fight inside a wooden cage. As the producer (who also worked on the old UFC title on Dreamcast) got distracted and talked his opponent took an opportunity and spiked his head into the floor resulting in a broken neck. With no ref, that's one way to finish the fight. Later on in the game there will be more rules and referees though.

They was shown in a very early state, and in terms of visual quality Supremacy MMA had some ways to go in order to compete with the likes of UFC Undisputed 2010 and EA Sports MMA. It should also be noted that the game won't feature analogue stick rotation, but that they have opted for a more Street Fighter like control scheme. Check out the first image below.

Supremacy MMA

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