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NBA 2K18

One Wild Walnut wins NBA 2K League MVP award

The regular season has come to a close.

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The NBA 2K League season has recently wrapped up, meaning that we now know all the playoff teams (which you can see in the infographic below) as well as the awards for the season, including MVP, which went to Dayne 'One Wild Walnut' Downey.

One Wild Walnut also took home the award for Defensive Player of the Year as well, so it's safe to say he's been important for Portland's Blazer5 team. Tilton 'xTFr3sHxX' Curry from 76ers GC also won the Sportsmanship Award, while Coach of the Year went to Duane Burton of Pistons GT; Community Engagement Award went to Raptors Uprising GC; and Play of the Year was given to Boo Painter of Wizards District Gaming.

The playoffs themselves start on Friday at 19:00 CT (01:00 the next morning in BST), so there isn't long to wait to see more of the action. Do you agree with all the awards though?

NBA 2K18
Photo: NBA 2K League

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