Spelunky 2

Online multiplayer for Spelunky 2 should land in early December

It was previously scrapped from the PC version due to issues at launch on PS4.

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Spelunky 2 is a great platform game which was highly praised in our review when it launched back in September (PS4 first then followed by PC weeks after), you can find more details here. However, the online multiplayer function didn't shape well on PS4, which led to the lack of this portion on the PC version at its initial launch. Now, we finally heard some exciting news regarding this portion from the development team.

Mossmouth and Blitworks earlier posted an update on Steam, stating that "BlitWorks has already finished two of the three major improvements that were planned," and the online multiplayer is expected to arrive in early December.

In the post, they also mentioned that due to the issues seen on PS4 after launch was much more severe than anticipated, the team had to take more time to get the deeper improvements done. These changes will also affect the PC version, plus they want to fix the PS4 version first so they wouldn't have to deal with problems on both platforms at the same time when multiplayer function goes on PC, thus the developing time got extended.

In addition, the developers have been working on post-launch content, such as fixing bugs, adding options, etc. As the game is bigger than its predecessor, and the team is "relatively small," the development of online mode has been slowed down inevitably.

Nevertheless, if everything goes well, we will be able to try the online multiplayer mode on Steam in about a month. Fingers crossed.

Spelunky 2

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