Monument Valley

Only 5% of Monument Valley's Android installs were paid for

Ustwo reveals the extent of piracy on the platform.

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Developers working with Android-based devices have had their share of piracy problems and the newest report comes from Ustwo, the studio known for their highly original puzzle game Monument Valley.

Via Twitter the developer revealed that only 5% of the copies of Monument Valley installed on Android devices are actually paid for. The data is not entirely accurate when calculating the extent of piracy however, as it excludes free copies of the game obtained by some via Amazon during a promotion. Still, the numbers are still depressingly bleak even if you take Amazon's promotion into account.

Interestingly, Ustwo's Dan Gray told Re/code that many Android owners "really resent being treated like second-class citizens," and despite the revenue lost through piracy, the studio will continue to support the platform with premium games.

As for iOS, the number of games purchased as opposed to pirated is considerably higher, and in this case around 40% of downloads for Monument Valley were paid for.

In some regions, such as the U.S., the difference between paid-for downloads on iOS and Android is actually smaller, although specific details regarding these figures were not revealed.

Monument Valley

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