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OpTic Gaming move into Dota 2

PPD is leading the charge.

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OpTic Gaming are an organisation that has experienced tremendous success in the likes of Call of Duty, but now they've announced both via Twitter and their YouTube channel that they are expanding into Dota 2 with a brand new team.

The team is headed by former Evil Geniuses man Peter 'PPD' Dager, who is joined by Ludwig 'Zai' Walhberg; Per 'Pajkatt' Olsen Lille; Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Filipsen; and Quin 'CCnC' Callahan, the latter of which hasn't got as much experience as the others.

"We're here bootcamping and playing in four different qualifiers for LANs," PPD said. "We've already qualified for the very first one, which is The Summit, which is the very first minor, so we're super excited about that."

How well can this new team do?

Dota 2
Photo: OpTic Gaming

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