Song of Horror

Our Song of Horror Let's Play continues with Episode 3

After rounding off Episode 2, we celebrate the release of the latest installment with another Let's Play video.

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Song of Horror has just had its third episode released released this month, and since we've been experiencing the journey in our Let's Play series, we're continuing on with the adventure to see what this new entry has in store.

You can see the full episode below, and this episode takes us to Färber's antique shop, which is still full of mystery and scares as we continue our adventure, trying our best not to fall victim to The Presence.

We also found out not too long ago that the game is heading to consoles in Q2 of next year, so we still have plenty more to expect from the title.

If you want to read our thoughts on the first episode before investing, check out our review.

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Song of Horror

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