Outward DLC "The Soroboreans" lands on console

PS4 and Xbox One-based adventurers will be able to embark on a new journey in Nine Dot's RPG.

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After it was released on PC on June 16, as promised, The Soroboreans DLC for Outward is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. The DLC will expand "the game by approximately 25%," as the press release claimed, so it's a quite big expansion to match the price of £16.99.

The Soroboreans will bring even more challenges and new content including dungeons, more terrifying creatures, new skills, enchantments, a new weapon type and more. The most notable addition though is a new gameplay mechanic called 'Corruption'. Corruption is brought by the Scourge (an enemy type in Outward) and once it seeps into you then it can be difficult to clear out of your body. It'll be interesting to see how players cope with this new challenge.

For more on the base game, which landed last year, check out our review.


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