PUBG Mobile

Over 2 million players banned in PUBG Mobile

Tencent has been swinging the ban pan.

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With Fortnite banned from iOS, we assume Tencent is taking all the chances they have to increase the audience for PUBG Mobile. One way of doing that is improving the game, another is to get rid of all those pesky cheaters.

Now the official Twitter account for the game reveals, that they have been swinging the ban pan more than ever before, and since December 17, over two million accounts have been banned. The most common cheating was X-Ray vision, auto aim hacks, and modification of character models.

While two million accounts is a lot, it's still only equal to 4% of the daily active players. Still really good though and we hope there is plenty more ban pans in the future.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile

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