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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Overview of what's new in Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 2.0

In three weeks, Nintendo will add tons of new content to their successful simulation.

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The last free content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (version 2.0) was detailed by Nintendo this afternoon. All of the following content will be released on November 5:

In the future, you can invite residents and friends to a cup of coffee in the second floor of the museum. There isn't much to do, but that's all the better after a stressful day, isn't it? On the pier navigator Kapp'n is waiting to set sail to an unknown place. During the voyage, the frog will sing sea shanties for you, too. Your destination will be a mysterious island that might offer strange vegetation you've never seen before. These places can be located in a different time zone / hemisphere.


The sailor can also take you to the island of the photographer Harv, who is organising a festival with his girlfriend Harriet nowadays. Help building up the area in order to have permanent access to rare shops who offers antiques, carpets, bushes, bags or shoes. You will find even more surprises there and some of them will provide you with new functions.

There are a lot of smaller additions waiting on your island with update 2.0: You can participate in a new sports activity called 'group stretching' together with your befriended island residents and you will be able to change their behaviour if you speak with Isabelle. Make them get up early at 8 o'clock or let them sleep in if you can't play (and meet them) early anyway.

You can add more storage space in your house when you upgrade your house and there will be new objects and customisation options available, too. One nice addition is the introduction of permanent ladders with which you can reach higher levels easily and at any time. Of course, the store Nook's Cranny will also upgrade its range with new items.

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsAnimal Crossing: New Horizons

If you get yourself a Pro Decoration License from Mr. Nook, you can hang items from the ceiling in your home, instead of placing them on the floor. In the future, you will be allowed to put wallpaper on individual walls, even with custom designs on them. With update 2.0 your islanders will visit you more frequently or invite you to their place.

Besides all of that, Nintendo will introduce a few smaller things: You will soon be able to cook delicious dishes from fruits, vegetables, field crops and mushrooms and you will be able to explore your island from a first-person perspective with the camera (and take selfies with the villagers). After the rain you can find so-called gyroid fragments in the ground. These strange objects are being used to make objects that make noises and bob around merrily.

Update 2.0 is rounded off with new hairstyles, reactions and an app with tips and tricks for beginners. All of that and more will be available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons starting November 5.

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsAnimal Crossing: New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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