Overwatch 2019 Season gets up and running tomorrow

And it's kicking off with a rematch of last season's final, with Philadelphia Fusion taking on 2018's champs, London Spitfire.

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If you've been itching for more Overwatch League then you'll be delighted to hear that hostilities are set to resume tomorrow, February 15, with the 2019 Season kicking off in style with a re-run of last year's grand final featuring Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire.

With over $5 million USD in the prize pool, there's plenty to play for, which is quite possibly why there are 20 teams competing in the expanded competition.

"We've added eight new teams and nearly 100 new players to the Overwatch League, and we're really excited to see the influx of new talent and to see how teams approach the daunting task of winning the league championship," Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer said.

"Look for the quality of play to rise as the league continues to get even more competitive. The talents of our extraordinary players are going to be on display for the world to see. Come watch with the best of us!"

See below for the full line-up of matches taking place this weekend:

Friday, Feb. 15
Philadelphia Fusion vs. London Spitfire, 12:00 GMT
New York Excelsior vs. Boston Uprising, 1:30
Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Gladiators, 3:00
Shanghai Dragons vs. Hangzhou Spark, 4:30

Saturday, Feb. 16
Toronto Defiant vs. Houston Outlaws, 12:00
Atlanta Reign vs. Florida Mayhem, 1:30
Dallas Fuel vs. San Francisco Shock, 3:00
Chengdu Hunters vs. Guangzhou Charge, 4:30
London Spitfire vs. Paris Eternal, 20:00
Washington Justice vs. New York Excelsior, 21:30

Sunday, Feb. 17
Los Angeles Valiant vs. Hangzhou Spark, 11:00
Vancouver Titans vs. Shanghai Dragons, 12:30
Houston Outlaws vs. Boston Uprising, 20:00
Philadelphia Fusion vs. Atlanta Reign, 21:30

Monday, Feb. 18
San Francisco Shock vs. Los Angeles Gladiators, 11:00
Seoul Dynasty vs. Dallas Fuel, 12:30

Most of the games this season are due to take place at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, although fans in Dallas and Atlanta will also get the chance to watch with their cities hosting so-called Homestead Weekend events on April 27-28 (Dallas) and July 6-7 (Atlanta), with another elsewhere in LA on August 24-25. There's also going to be an Overwatch League All-Star event held between Stages 2 and 3 of the competition.

Photo: Overwatch League

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