Overwatch League 2020 will include many more home matches

The format has just been released, with Stages gone, the teams being split into four divisions, and Homestand matches returning.

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We're just about to head into Stage 4 of the Overwatch League's second season after Shanghai Dragons won Stage 3, but Blizzard has already revealed the format for 2020's season as well, seeing home venues introduced in a more meaningful way (we've had a limited amount of Homestand weekends already this year).

On the topic of home matches, Blizzard says they "need to be mindful of the challenges of team travel," and so Pacific and Atlantic Divisions will become Pacific and Atlantic Conferences, split into Atlantic North and South, as well as Pacific East and West, with the following teams:

Atlantic North:

Boston Uprising
London Spitfire
New York Excelsior
Paris Eternal
Toronto Defiant

Atlantic South:

Atlanta Reign
Florida Mayhem
Houston Outlaws
Philadelphia Fusion
Washington Justice

Pacific East:

Chengdu Hunters
Guangzhou Charge
Hangzhou Spark
Shanghai Dragons
Seoul Dynasty

Pacific West:

Dallas Fuel
Los Angeles Valiant
Los Angeles Gladiators
San Francisco Shock
Vancouver Titans

Next year will also see 52 Homestand weekends across the globe, with each team hosting two Homestands. What's more is that teams in each division will host three extra regular-season events in their home territories as well, with this season running from February until August, seeing teams play 28 matches over the regular season. During this time they'll face in-conference opponents twice each, and out-of-conference teams once each, with all regular-season matches being played on weekends and having times "optimised for local markets".

We'll get a full 2020 schedule next month, with tickets on sale shortly after, but due to travel and scheduling the season will no longer be split into Stages. That said, an All-Stars event is still coming in the middle of the season, and teams will still get bye weeks to rest. There will still be a Grand Finals event as well, so don't worry about that either.

Can 2020 be the best year yet?

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