Overwatch League and Twitter sign multi-year deal

Including a weekly preview show called Watchpoint.

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The Overwatch League and Twitter have announced a new multi-year deal that brings highlights and content from the livestreams to the social media network, which continues with the All-Star Weekend this weekend, where the League will provide "near-real-time video highlights to Twitter, including the most exciting moments of the Pacific Division and Atlantic Division All-Star matchups."

Starting with the next season we'll also see a weekly preview show called Watchpoint streamed on Twitter via @overwatchleague, providing stats, analysis, predictions, and more. Highlight clips are also coming, covering all sides of the competition.

"From the inception of the Overwatch League, the community on Twitter has always been one of our most passionate and engaged," said Daniel Cherry, vice president and chief marketing officer for Activision Blizzard Esports Leagues. "That's why we are particularly excited to announce this collaboration, beginning with the Overwatch League's All-Star Weekend."

"Twitter is where Overwatch League conversations happen and we're thrilled to bring more content to the platform for several years," addedd Rishi Chadha, head of gaming partnerships at Twitter. "Overwatch League is one of the most Tweeted-about esports leagues on the platform, and this partnership will bolster that conversation."

Is Twitter the best place for the Overwatch League to be?

Photo: Overwatch League

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