Overwatch League names its rookie and coach of the year

The League also named the recipient of the community-based Dennis Hawelka award.

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Following the events of Overwatch League All-Stars North America 2020, a host of awards were delivered to some of the League's best over the course of the season.

The first to be announced was the Rookie of the Year, which was given to the Philadelphia Fusion's own support player, Kyeong-Bo "Alarm" Kim. After a stellar year, seeing the Fusion land a top four spot, in this weekend's Grand Finals, it was hard not to notice the Rookie's incredible presence on the roster. Alarm gave a statement to the League after receiving the award saying, "Just thinking about how hard I've worked and how far I've come to get to this point is making me all emotional, and I really want to thank all of my teammates."

The second award to be delivered was the community-based Dennis Hawelka Award, given to those whose impact went further than just regular competitive play. This year's recipient was none other than the Los Angeles Valiant's tank player, Caleb "McGravy" McGarvey who has been known for his positive presence in the community and charitable work. He gave a statement to the League saying, "I don't want to dog myself up and say that I wasn't picked up for my mechanical ability, but I think the biggest selling point for me was, throughout the entire (2019) season I had been really positive and a really good teammate."

The final honour was for Coach of the Year, a prestigious award recognising an individual who had made the greatest contribution to a team as a head-coach. The winner for the 2020 season went to the Shanghai Dragon's Coach Byung-Chul Moon, after an unstoppable season, seeing the Dragons control the Asian region. "I think the biggest element is that we have such a good composition of coaching staff and players," said Moon to the League. " The coaches all really work well together, and they know what to do in their roles when I give directions."

The final award will be announced during Grand Finals weekend, and will title a Grand Finals MVP, so be sure to check out the games this weekend to find out who will take it home.

Photo: Overwatch League

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