Overwatch League to get live events this season in China

Three are currently planned.

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The Overwatch League has announced that it will be bringing a few live events this coming season, despite the majority of matches set to be played online. As it stands, there will be three live events taking place, all three of which are to be played in China, in summer. The three events are as follows; Hangzhou Spark (June Joust) on June 4-6, Shanghai Dragons (Summer Showdown) on July 9-11, and Guangzhou Charge (Countdown Cup) on August 7-8.

The events are set to see fans attend, although there will be a limited number allowed in to comply with safety standards. The five Chinese-based teams (which includes the three above as well as the Chengdu Hunters and the Los Angeles Valiant) will be expected to announce travel plans and attend in person, whereas the Korean teams (New York Excelsior, Seoul Dynasty, and the Philadelphia Fusion) will likely be participating remotely.

More details regarding these events are expected to be announced later this year.

Photo: Overwatch League

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