Overwatch League Twitch Cheers rack up $150,000 USD in a day

The system was introduced for Stage 2.

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We reported yesterday that Twitch had teamed up with the Overwatch League to introduce Cheers to the league's streams, which you can spend the virtual currency Bits to unlock, and now Kotaku has reported that yesterday this new feature racked up 11 million bits, equating to $150,000 USD.

As a reminder, you can get in-game rewards just by watching the matches being played, and even more rewards both in-game and on Twitch by cheering, like skins and emotes, some of which need to be unlocked by a community total surpassing a total margin.

Dallas has been one of the most popular teams so far in terms of cheering, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're getting all the money that's been contributed towards cheering for them, as the money helps support the league, not the specific team.

Do you think this partnership can be a fruitful one for the league?

Photo: Overwatch League

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