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Oxenfree coming to PS4 next month

With a New Game+ mode and more.

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Oxenfree received generally good reviews when it launched on PC and Xbox One in January (here's ours), and soon PlayStation 4 players get to take part in the supernatural adventure as well.

As compensation for waiting the new version will include a few extra goodies. Not only will the DualShock 4 function as the game's radio, but it'll also include a New Game+ mode. In this Alex's story will continue beyond the original ending. Once in a while she'll get a feeling of déjà vu, and get new dialogue choices. This will lead her to different locations, conclusions, and a completely tweaked understanding of the events on the island.

Oxenfree is time-looping its way onto the PlayStation 4 on May 31.


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"This story starring Alex is interesting, deep and easy to identify with."

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