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Pac-Man Live Studio

Pac-Man celebrates his 40th birthday today

Even after 40 years, the little yellow cherry-muncher is still one of the most iconic characters on the planet.

Happy birthday, Pac-Man! The old boy is no less than 40-years-old today and to mark the occasion Bandai Namco has been sharing some of the gaming icon's historical achievements. That being the case, we thought we'd pass on some of the more relevant details that were sent over to us as one of gaming's most enduring characters celebrates this impressive milestone.

Pac-Man first launched in an amusement arcade in Tokyo, Japan, all the way back on May 22, 1980, and made a huge impression on local gamers right away. Since then the little yellow dude (they picked yellow because it was deemed neutral and peaceful) has spread across the world, spawning countless games and even more tie-ins, with appearances in film and TV shows, and with more merch than we care to imagine. He's even had his own hit song, Pac-Man Fever, and this year he appeared as a Tamagotchi toy.

We're promised arcade cabinets (including 256 Quarter Arcades cabinets signed by original creator Toru Iwatani) and new game announcements throughout the latter part of the year, but the publisher spent a chunk of time dwelling on Pac-Man Live Studio, a new game developed with Amazon Game Studios that's coming to Twitch and where four players can compete on the same board for pellets and glory, as well as creating their own content to share around with friends.

There are even more Pac-Man related celebrations than we've mentioned here, so if you fancy joining the party and enjoying the landmark achievement of one of gaming's most iconic characters, head over to the official site for more fun and games.

Pac-Man Live Studio

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