Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins gets Fire and Ice update for all players

New character Imani brings with her a whole host of changes, coming out of the test servers and into the wild.

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We've know about the Fire and Ice patch coming to Hi-Rez Studios' multiplayer game Paladins for a fair while, arriving on test servers last month, but now it has landed in the full game for everyone to try. Among the content included is a new character, fresh battle pass content, and more for fans to sink their teeth into.

Perhaps the biggest piece of new content being released in this patch is the introduction of new character Imani, The Last Warder. She is a stance-switching damage character who can align herself with either the power of frost or fire, which in turn has a direct influence over her ability set. When in Fire stance she can charge a pyre ball that hits for 1100 damage or alternatively unleash an inferno cannon that deals 110 damage every 0.9 seconds for 3 seconds. Her frost abilities allow her to hurl a frost bolt every 0.8 seconds that hits for 650 damage, or she can release a frost orb that roots enemies in place and deals 800 damage at max range.

Imani's capacity to switch alignments is bound as her second ability, with her first being Frostfire glide, letting her surf through the sky on a block of ice for 3 seconds. Finally, Imani's ultimate Dragon's call lets her summon a Frostfire dragon to the battleground which unleashes its Frostfire breath to bring havoc over the realm.

Coming alongside Imani are a bunch of new balance changes for each champion and adjustments that include locking each champion to only three talents, rather than the four that was the norm previously. On top of that, items will no longer have category restrictions and there will be callout locations over each map.

A new battle pass and season pass have also arrived, and the Interstellar battle pass will cost 600 crystals and last for two months, containing 50 levels worth of loot. The new battle pass will contain a mount, three new skins for Kinessa, Furia, and Androxus, as well as new emotes, avatars, sprays, and challenges to help along the way. The season pass will cost a hefty $39.99 USD but will allow players to unlock new exclusive content for champions all year long as well as the new limited-edition Legionnaire Viktor skin, Legionnaire warhorse mount, an avatar, and 1,500 crystals to be spent whenever.

Last of all, season two of ranked will be arriving with patch 2.01 too and will work a little different to previous seasons. Season two will be spread out over six individual splits that span two months each. With each split will come a new battle pass and a fresh set of qualifiers for everybody to participate in. As for every ranked season of paladins, players will be eligible to unlock a limited loading frame, title, and skin, with this year's limited skin being Chieftain Gronk.

This is a hefty patch, and for the full nitty-gritty on all the changes be sure to check out the patch notes right here.

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Paladins: Champions of the Realm

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