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Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins is getting a Rambo crossover

And a new character is landing this month.

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As part of the Hi-Rez Showcase that just concluded, we've just been given a look at a range of new content and goodies coming to Paladins: Champions of the Realm throughout 2022. At the top of all the news was the announcement that the game will be getting its latest Champion, known as VII (pronounced seven) this January, bringing a character equipped with a grapple to traverse the battlefield with ease, as well as a weapon that can use an automatic and burst firing method. You can take a look at VII in the trailer below, before he releases this January.


Following this, it was also revealed that Paladins would be getting a brand-new map when Season 5 lands. There's no information on what this map will be, but we have been told that it will be coming within the next 12 months. As well as this, it was also revealed that the game will see two of its maps reworked this year. Warder's Gate and Trade District will be the two receiving the lucky treatment, but as for when these updated versions will be landing, that also remains unclear.

In the spirit of updates, Siege: Beyond, Paladins' most popular game mode, will also be getting a variety of improvements and tweaks, such as a new item shop. We're told that the game mode, Siege: Core, will remain the same and also available.

Likely the biggest announcement to come from the show for Paladins was that the game will be receiving a crossover with Rambo in February. This will include a skin for Viktor, which will see the character transformed into John Rambo himself. While we haven't been given an exact release date for this crossover (only February), we have been told that this crossover will be available for all Prime Gaming members for free. Check out a look at the crossover below.


Last of all, we're also told that there will be various passes to look forward to in Paladins immediate future. The Season Pass will be back to give players a chance to unlock each new Champion coming this year as well as some special cosmetics. Then, the Abyss Hunter Academy Event Pass, which will drop this month, will also give players a chance to unlock a bunch of other new skins and cosmetics to use in-game.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

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