Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record is an upcoming VR adventure

Wildman will have its VR take on the legendary, mythical action series ready within a year.

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Panzer Dragoon is currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and while some fans still can't believe that the original game and Zwei are coming as remakes to both PC and Nintendo Switch, now Wildman Inc. has delivered even more good news as a new, VR-only entry has just been announced.

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record (reminds us of when Nintendo DS games had to use the DS initials...) will release some time before April 2021 as a headset-dedicated experience (basically that means no alternative TV game mode). What's more, even though this is not a full VR remake, it'll include episodes and scenarios seen in the original Sega Saturn trilogy, as a sort of different-POV compilation.

However, VR means a completely new game, new controls, new graphics, and a first-person perspective. The idea, according to the official description, is one that "likens the VR controller to the handgun of the dragon rider."

Although platforms haven't been announced yet, the game is for VR headsets, so at least PC is confirmed (and PS4 PSVR should perhaps be expected too).

The team at Wildman Inc. (which acts as both developer and publisher, under the Sega license), asks fans to follow @PanzerDragoonVR on Twitter, where the devs have already confirmed that "this is not a full VR remake. But you will meet Blue Dragon (TYPE-01), Lagi, Prototype Dragon(TYPE-02), Guardian Dragon, Atolm Dragon!"

Can you think of any classic title that makes more sense in VR than Panzer Dragoon?

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record

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