Crusader Kings II

Paradox are eyeing an IPO before the summer

Developer and publisher wants to let more fans and employees own a piece of the company.

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Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri (Swedish article) broke the news that Paradox Interactive are looking to take their company to the stock market prior to the end of the second quarter.

The IPO will be "non-traditional" in the sense that it will primarily aim to let gamers and employees own a stake of the company, even in other owners aren't ruled out. Exactly how this non-traditional introduction will play out remains to be seen. Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester did note in the article that they're not doing this to gain more capital, even if the move does open up possibilities for acquisitions should the opportunity arise.

Paradox enjoyed an incredible 2016 where revenue rose to 604 million SEK (approximately £50 million) and profits reached 242 million SEK (approximately £20 million), this was largely due to the success of Cities: Skylines, Pillars of Eternity and the catalog and expansion sales of Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV.

This year Paradox are looking to launch two major grand strategy titles - Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV - and they've identified console and mobile as areas they'd like to grow.

Crusader Kings II

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