City of Heroes

Paragon tried to save City of Heroes

Developer tried to buy independence, but NCsoft opted to shut them down.

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It came as something of a shock to most people when NCsoft decided to shut down City of Heroes after 8 years last summer. Talks with the development studio - Paragon Studios - was well under way, but apparently the parts were unable to come to terms and both Paragon, City of Heroes, and the two new prototypes Paragon were working on were closed down.

In a frank feature on Gamasutra, lead designer Matt Miller shares his experience of the final days, and also reveals some of the ambitious plans players were robbed of as NCsoft pulled the plug:

"It was very much a surprise. We all were really working as if things were going to work out. ... It was business as usual right up until the last day."

It's an interesting look at how a game and a studio can be shut down, when there are seemingly viable options available. For now fans are still trying to save City of Heroes or see it reborn in some other form, and original developer Cryptic Studios' Jack Emmert did express interest during PAX East (even if it seems a tad bit late).

City of Heroes

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