Paris Eternal release four of their players

This is another Overwatch League team shaking up their roster after the 2019 season too, having just got a new head coach as well.

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Overwatch League team Paris Eternal has announced that they're parting ways with George 'ShaDowBurn' Gushcha, Karol 'Danye' Szcześniak, Roni 'lhcloudy' Tiihonen, and Finnbjörn 'Finnsi' Jónasson.

With Paris Eternal coming 14th in the league this year, they've already switched things up by parting ways with their coach Félix 'Féfé' Münch as well, who went on to join the Toronto Defiant's side.

This leaves the team as a mostly French affair, aside from Harrison 'Kruise' Pond and Luís 'Greyy' Perestrelo, and Bumhoon 'NineK' Kim has taken the role of head coach.

What does Paris Eternal need to do to improve?

Photo: Paris Eternal

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