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Patch 11.1 has been revealed for League of Legends

The annual big update features plenty of changes across the board.

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The latest big patch for League of Legends has been detailed by Riot Games, and as we would expect for an annual patch of this calibre, it features plenty of Champion, item and quality of life tweaks. Considering this is one meaty update, we've picked out the most notable changes, but should you want to dive in a little deeper, you can read the full notes themselves here.

First of all, Champion wise, Gnar is receiving several changes that either improve his abilities cooldown, range or stim duration. The idea for this is to give "Gnar more target access and sticking power in his Mega form so he can have more impact beyond just hopping in and casting his ultimate."

Likewise, Master Yi, Pantheon, Ryze, Fiddlesticks, Karma, Qiyana, Yasuo, Xayah and Yone all saw tweaks to different abilities to make each character a little more balanced in the scheme of things.

All the remaining Champions who haven't seen tweaks over the years will also see a slight QoL adjustment, where all of their stats have been rounded to intervals to make the game a little tidier.

As for items, Archangel's Staff, Muramana, Manamune and Runaan's Hurricane all saw the most tweaks, but several other items were also changed, with a deep focus on burst heavy gear.

The in-game chat and shop will also get a slight QoL update, the 2021 Summoner's Rift Ranked season will also begin on January 8 (at different times in respective regions, so be sure to check out the notes), and a host of bug fixes, skins and chromas will also be joining the fray. You can check out a few of the new skins below, but to see them all, head over to the patch notes linked above.

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