PAX to hold its own Valorant Ignition Series event this month

The Pax Arena Valorant Invitational will be held July 22 - 26 with a $25,000 prize pool.

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The pool of events within the Valorant Ignition Series continues to grow as PAX has announced that it will be hosting its own competition in partnership with Riot Games. The PAX Arena Valorant Invitational will run from July 22 to 26 and will offer a total prize pool of $25,000.

The competition is set to feature four influencer teams and 16 pro teams, but names have yet to have been revealed. The tournament structure will see eight teams progress from the preliminary stages July 22 - 23 and advance to the quarterfinals July 24. Winners of the quarterfinals will then make their way to the semi-finals July 25, with a best-of-five final concluding the tournament on July 26.

You'll be able to catch the unfolding action on both the PAX Arena and official Valorant Twitch channels starting July 22.

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