Rainbow Six: Siege

Penta Sports win the Six Invitational 2018

They came from 2-0 down in the grand final to lift the trophy.

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Today the last day of the Six Invitational tournament for Rainbox Six: Siege take place in Montreal, and although there was a show match between two all-star teams, the main focus was on the grand final between reigning champions Evil Geniuses and European powerhouses Penta Sports, producing one of the closest and most intense finals in recent memory.

Evil Geniuses started the match off strong, claiming the first map in convincing fashion while Penta looked a shadow of their usual selves, and although they brought it back to overtime on the second map, EG once again claimed victory to put themselves within touching distance of retaining the title. On the third map though - Cafe - Penta showed their strength and resilience to fight back and make convincing defences and attacks and get a point back for them, pushing it to a fourth map.

On this fourth map (Bank) Penta really surprised everyone by utilising Montagne and his mighty shield to devastating effect, as both Fabian and Pengu used the operator to make incredible attacks, ones that EG didn't know how to deal with. With these unconventional tactics and a growing confidence, they leveled the score at 2-2 to push us to a third map, Coastline.

Here things started well for Penta once again, and before long their confident plays and increasing quality meant they were 4-2 up in the map, but EG, backed by a really loud and intense crowd supporting them, leveled the score to 4-4 to push us into yet another overtime. Penta rallied again though, reaching the apex of their momentum to win the title and lift the trophy, their first Six Invitational as a team.

Did you expect the final to go down like this?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: ESL

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