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Perfect Dark rumoured to be in the works for Xbox Series X

Recent insider rumours suggest that Perfect Dark could be getting announced for the next-generation Xbox system.

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Do you remember Sabi Wabii? If you don't, she's a Twitter insider who revealed so many leaks from mainly Nintendo, that the company traced her real name and threatened her with a cease and desist letter. Since then, Sabi Wabii hasn't shared any leaks regarding Nintendo, but what about leaks regarding unannounced games from other companies?

She claims to have sources that "are very rarely wrong" stating that Microsoft was planning on revealing Fable, Perfect Dark and Halo for Xbox Series X this month. If that was the plan, plans have obviously changed since and as we reported yesterday, Microsoft will instead reveal third-party games for its upcoming console tomorrow.

So, basically Sabi Wabii now says we'll see those games in July instead, as she still seems to think her sources are trustworthy. According to previous rumours, the Fable game is being developed by Playground Games (Forza Horizon series) as the studio has revealed (via job ads) that it's working on an unknown RPG. The Perfect Dark game, on the other hand, is supposedly being developed by the new prestige studio The Initiative (makers of AAAA games, if Microsoft is to be believed).

Perfect Dark rumoured to be in the works for Xbox Series X

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