Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

PES 2012 3DS online outlined

Handheld gets Versus, data exchange.

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While PES 2012's console releases are imminent, 3DS owners will have to wait a bit longer as Konami is still to give a concrete release date for the handheld version.

But the company's not wanting to leave owners hanging, and so have offered up some info on the list of modes that'll be incorporated into the 3DS version, including the option to play against friends online.

Owners of the game will be able to play one-vs-one matches with a friend via Wi-fi, while the StreetPass system will allow you to exchange Master League team data with other users, and players will be offered a CPU opponent using that data.

Konami also detailed control setup, and the game's gameplay modes: the title will incorporate the choice of button or Touch Screen control, and have a number of modes on offer.

Master League allows users to shape and develop a team of unknowns into a dynamic football force, while Become a Legend option charges the player with the progression of one player trying to establish themselves as a world-class talent.

Other new additions include new League and Cup competitions, Free Training where controls can be practiced, and an Edit Mode that lets players and their kits be changed.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

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