Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

PES 2013: Giving players control

Hatsumi and Murphy on changes.

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We sat down with Konami's Naoya Hatsumi and Jon Murphy to learn more about the work that is being put into this year's edition of the Pro Evolution series.

On the topic of competing with FIFA they had the following to say:

"We'll be competing with FIFA, but we're going to have a UK studio. So with the new studio in Europe, we'd like to appeal to a bigger audience around the world. We'd like to deliver different, unique PES football experiences to a wider audience. And people hopefully will notice the differences from their game. Our focus is to recreate a realistic football experience. By competing with eachother we should be able to evolve football games overall and people should be able to enjoy the unique PES experience as well." said senior producer Hatsumi.

"I think what we have to do is to provide something that is unique to ourselves, I think have to go in our own directions. I think we are going in our own directions at the moment. You know, our goal is to give players as much control over situations as possible and to move away from this idea that things are random and beyond your control. And obviously we also have make sure that we inject as much fun and enjoyment into the product as possible. We'll continue to look at eachother I'm sure. It's our job to provide a PES that people really love again and really want to come back to," said Murphy, senior European brand manager and project leader.


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