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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

PES 2015: "this year it's about righting the wrongs"

Pushing the release to November was a "very tough decision".

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European brand manager Adam Bhatti talks to us about what PES needs to do in order to win back fans lost to FIFA over the years and how this year is about "righting the wrongs". As you may be aware Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 moved from its traditional September/October release window to November this year.


"Definitely this year it's about righting the wrongs and we felt like [with] a few extra months we could make an amazing football game. So we made a tough choice. A very tough choice, actually, a lot of the business people may not have liked it. But I think you have to take control of the game and it's a great opportunity really with the first year on new consoles to make a statement."

Speaking of last year's game Bhatti had this to say:

"We had a really tough year last year. A lot of bad feedback from our fans based on what we were doing and as someone who is quite new to the company as well. I started working last year. You these fresh new ideas. You see what others are doing well and so forth and you want to bring that to the table. But also we had a year last year where we brought on the Fox Engine and we tried to achieve quite a lot in just one year. And we didn't do it quite right so we want to make sure that the fans know that we heard them and we know ourselves and we take this opportunity to relook at what made PES great. You mentioned we used to be the king and now we're the challenger and back when PES was great was PES 5 and PES 6 on PS2 days. We want to get back to those days too, you know. We just look back at those games at what made them so special. And that's been a key focus for us this year."

Bhatti also detailed what it means to moving to new-gen consoles with the Fox Engine and what kind of problems adapting the engine to sports entailed.

"One of the cool things that we're doing this year is that we're getting some real ball data off UEFA. So we're trying to incorporate that in a way where it gives you that feeling [organic ball physics]."

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