Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

PES 2019 fans already "making the difference" with new moves

"People are super happy with the gameplay" based on the demo.

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As it's pretty much a tradition we stopped by Konami's booth last week at Gamescom to talk about all things Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, as the new entry releases earlier than ever (tomorrow in Europe, to be precise).

In the interview below with brand manager Lennart Bobzien we review licenses including the new Brazilian and Scottish leagues (he reveals more licensed teams will come after launch through Data Packs), PC and Xbox One versions, and even PES League & eFootball.pro competitions.

But as the community seems pretty pleased with the demo before launch, we wanted to ask about gameplay feedback first.

"People are super happy with the gameplay," Bobzien admitted. "We've found the right speed with the game, obviously that's always very important. Graphics-wise, gameplay-wise, the feedback has been super positive so far."

One of the main additions in that regard is a good range of quick and response moves, as "the players' movement has been fully changed and improved so there are little nice turnarounds, quick changes", and the PES man says fans already picked up on those and they're already "making the difference and that's just great to see".

Have you seen some crazy moves and goals in PES 2019 already? Leave a comment after the full interview.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

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