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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

PES champion Alex Alguacil shares tips & tricks

Here are 7 pointers and cool moves to improve your Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 game.

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Even though many training hours are required along with some great talent to become PES League 3v3 World Champion like Alex Alguacil, the Spanish player admits there's a bunch of basic tips and pro tricks that, once mastered, will take you to a pretty good level with the recently released Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

In this video Alex talks about the new game and offers Gamereactor viewers 7 tips and tricks he considers essential and he uses on every match, including dribbling, defensive options, and the crucial super cancel.

Here's the 7 tips & tricks included in the video, in order:

  1. Choose your shot & control your GK

  2. Read between the lines

  3. Effective dribbling & croquetas

  4. Indirect free kick is best free kick

  5. Corner kicks: How to defend and attack

  6. Super cancel as a way of life

  7. A couple of tactics examples

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