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Boxed Collection not due for release here.

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A mixture of good news and bad for fans of Thatgamecompany as the studio's announced the Journey Collection won't be released in Europe.

The retail Collection is due to include the studio's PSN releases Journey, Flower and Flow, as well as a huge host of extra goodies such as soundtracks and documentaries.

News came from the company's Twitter feed, as it stated that the the situation was out of their hands: "We wish Europeans could get it, but there's nothing we can do. The best thing for you to do is bug @PlayStationEU."

The studio went on to state that it was a localisation cost issue: for manufacturing, shipping, as well with multiple translations needed for the documentaries included on the disc.

"It's because it's so expensive to release anything, due to the various languages, laws, retailers, packaging, etc," the team explained.

While the team originally pointed out that fans could import region-free copies to play, it's now highlighted a fan petition requesting the Collection be ported over here.


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