Phasmophobia is no longer a solo developed title

Creator Daniel Knight announced the update in a patch notes post on Steam.

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Phasmophobia, a ghost hunting horror title that rocketed to fame late last year, has been developed by a single person since its creation, a feat that is impressive through and through. However that is all about the change as creator Daniel Knight recently revealed in a patch notes post for the game on Steam that the success of the game has allowed him the opportunity to hire a few more members to the team to make the game better than ever.

"Over the past few years I have been developing Phasmophobia on my own however due to how much it has grown in both popularity and its future content plans it is now time to expand the team", stated Knight in the post.

"I have now hired an experienced artist and a programmer to work on Phasmophobia. They will both start working with me on future content very soon as well as improving and expanding on the current content."

Considering the success Phasmophobia has already seen, hopefully the extra manpower will allow Knight to make the horror title even scarier and more exciting, especially since we're only three months from the spooky season itself.

In terms of the patch notes also included and what they are bringing to the game, we can now find in-game; two new ghost types (the Yokai and Hantu), some new daily challenges to complete, a new small map called Willow Street House that features no hiding places, as well a bunch of balance changes and bug fixes. You can read further into the patch notes at the link above.


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