Phil Spencer's game of the year might be Inside

And he also has nice things to say about We Happy Few.

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Just after Microsoft's E3 Xbox showcase we had the chance to catch up with Xbox chief Phil Spencer, and we asked him for his thoughts on how the show went. To close off the interview, we wanted to know what his favourite games of the showcase were. We already know Spencer is a big advocate of [email protected], so it's not surprising that his two favourites were both from there.

"In the show today, I'm gonna pick two. We Happy Few, amazing setting, story, I thought it was just fantastic." Spencer said. "The other game that was in our show for a little bit, but I had a chance to finish it last week, was Inside, from our friends in Copenhagen at Playdead."

Playdead was shown off via a lengthy gameplay demo during the showcase, and is coming from the same developers as the hugely successful indie game, Limbo.

"For me, a huge Limbo fan, the team there did such a great job with Inside, it might be for me personally the game of the year. It is just so good, such a great representation of the art form of creating games, and I think it'll be a fantastic thing for Xbox gamers to get to play at the end of this month."

Both We Happy Few and Inside are set to release at the end of this month (the former into Early Access and Game Preview, the latter a general release). To commemorate Inside releasing, Limbo has been made free for Xbox One users. Check out the full interview above, and gameplay trailers for both games below.


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