Philadelphia Fusion has rocky start to Overwatch League life

Boosting and logistic issues have occurred.

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Philadelphia Fusion are one of the teams taking part in next year's ambitious Overwatch League, but even before the league has started the team has run into some issues, the first of which being that their player SuMin 'SADO' Kim has been forced to issue an apology after boosting in-game.

In a statement on the team's website, SADO apologises for previously boosting in the Korean ladder, which as he notes violates the Blizzard End User License Agreement. "I am a hard worker, I am a loyal teammate, and I am a competitor," he writes. "I hope that when I come to America I can show you who I really am, and maybe you can resolve your doubts about me before the season is over. I owe so much to the Fusion for giving me a second chance, and I want to start competing for them as soon as possible." What's more is that he's now got a ban from Overwatch, meaning he can't compete until May now.

That's not the end of Fusion's troubles, however, as they also revealed via Twitter that due to "player logistics issues" they won't be competing in the preseason matches due to take place this week, but insist that preparations for the regular season "remain on track, as our players and coaches from 10 nations continue to scrimmage and work hard."

Do you think Fusion can iron out these bumps before the season starts in January?


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